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Hi Pigeon Buddies
I'll let all of you know what my Magic Pill is,I have no fear of the local
guys using it to beat me because when I've told them in the past 99% of
never believed me or just gave up using it after a couple of days and tried
some other magic potion,so no headaches there.This year I did'nt use it
like I normally do and I had a mediocre season by the high standards that I
set for myself.
I'll start by saying that in 1991 I started using this pill and to date
have won the Union Averages and Points 9 times also being club champion
every year.So what IS this Magic Pill most of you must be thinking at this
time.Its readily available in all countries and is relatively cheap for its
longterm worth in the pigeon loft..... . Wait for it .......GARLIC.
This wonderful product can do amazing things to health of your birds if
given daily through the moult and through to the training and racing
season.How to give it? Its easy for me I use the plastic bomb type drinkers,
I slice a few fresh bulbs(not cloves) skins and all into the drinkers they
go and fill up with water.Even when medication is necessary it gets given
with the garlic water,crop canker,cocci,worms and respiratory whatever.After
two days it loses its strength so I freshen the drinkers with a new batch.I
put the used garlic bits where the birds can get to it and they then eat it
with gusto nothing of this wonder substance is wasted .What I have found
that after about 2 or 3 weeks of continious use that the pigeon fly which is
a problem here in S.A and a carrier of pigeon malaria just pack their bags
and go to the next loft,they cannot take the taste of garlic blood.This was
the first time that my birds were tested positive for pigeon malaria so
there's food for thought.Another thing is and I dont know if garlic has
properties that assist birds with orientation or not but after their initial
few tosses my birds dont make a swing at training points,they just head off
like an arrow in the direction of home no matter what direction they are
pointed in at liberation point.This aspect has amazed all fanciers that have
witnessed the liberation of my team at the various training spots.
Believe it or not its up to you
Till next time 
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The Magic Pill 
I have flown or owned  pigeons for over 50 years and in my years of racing I knew that there was a magic pill. If I could only find it, I would win more races and be at the top of the race sheet.
 I tried all kinds of things. Like feeding bread, Feeding only peas when the birds were breeding. Holding the water and sending the birds thirsty to a race. Not feeding them on the day of shipping. But all the things I tried failed. I was never at the top of the race sheet and my birds looked like hell despite all the vitamins I had put into the water.
I knew had not found the Magic Pill.  I continued looking trying all kinds of crazy things. After all There were these top fliers that week after week were at the top of the race sheet. Surely they knew the secret and they must have the Magic Pill.   
I was at the end of my rope. All the years of searching and all the potions I had given my pigeons failed. I fell to my knees and prayed  "Lord help me in my quest show me the way to the Magic Pill." 
All I heard was silence.
But then one night in a dream I heard a calming voice. 
It Said.....
1. Purchase good pigeons.
2. Buy a book from a top flier and read it
3. Take the books advice. 
4. Do what the book advises without any changes.
When I woke up I recalled the dream and did purchase a book and did take it's advise. 
Today many years later.
I have won more then my share of races doing what I read. I do have some very good pigeons and think I am pretty smart. 
Now If I could only find the Magic Pill I may win them all.