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This is one of the most common phrases I hear as a pigeon flier. It is true that some hens sitting on eggs ten days will put up a super performance. But have you ever wondered why? I have, so I took the time to do some research. What I found is pigeons have a gland called PITUITARY. This gland is located at the base of the brain. This tiny organ has a powerful effect on our pigeons. It secretes hormones one of which is PROlACTIN . This hormone when secrered makes our pigeons want to mate, helps the pigeons regulate carbohydrates,produce crop milk in both the hen and the cock and will increase a pigeons appetite in order to feed its young. There are other changes in the pigeon as well, the liver, pancreas, and intestines also increase in size.

What does this mean to you as a pigeon racer?  Knowing when a pigeon has more vitality can get you a win out of turn or get you to the top of the race sheet especially in a long race. A good natural flier can set up a good pigeon for a race on a given day and be way out in front.    

I am NOT a D.V.M. but a pigeon flier that likes to know why a pigeon will race well at times and not at others. I don't  claim flying the natural system is better then any other system. I have tried most systems and they all have merit.  What I would like this tip to do is provide new comers to our sport  an understanding that our pigeons go though changes  and those changes can effect a pigeons racing preformance.

A clean dry loft is one link in the chain that will lead to the winners circle. Removing the droppings will cut the cocci count way down. Along with removing the much of the dust pigeons would inhale. There are many internal parasites our pigeons get and removeing the droppings is one step in eliminating them. Remember, Healthy pigeons win. The loft you house you pigeons in should be part of your health program.